4x Zoom Scope

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4x Zoom Scope
4x Zoom Scope
A small 4x zoom scope
Shortname: weapon.mod.small.scope
Type: Attachment
Stack Size: 1
Weapon Stats
Recoil: -20 %
Spread: -30 %
Craftable: Yes
Time to Craft: 120s
High Quality Metal.pngHigh Quality Metal.png

The 4x Zoom Scope is a small, weapon mounted a scope that can be extremely useful for hitting targets or recon purposes. When mounted, the wielder of the gun can hold right-click to look into the scope which magnifies the area ahead 4x. Although the most expensive to craft out of all the weapon mods, this may prove quite useful to snipers and scouts alike.

To mount a weapon mod, simply open the inventory, select a weapon, and drag the weapon mod onto a weapon mod slot in the item panel. Weapon mods can be dismounted by dragging the mounted mod off of the item and back into the inventory/storage.

One cannot mount the Holosight and the 4x Zoom Scope simultaneously on the same gun.


In able to craft the 4x Zoom Scope, you need the following ingredients:

  • It takes 120 seconds to craft one 4x Zoom Scope.
Image Name Amount
High Quality Metal.png High quality metal 50

Compatible Weapons

  • There are in total of 15 weapons which are compatible with the 4x Zoom Scope.
Assault Rifle.png AK47
Bolt Action Rifle.png Bolt Action Rifle
Crossbow.png Crossbow
Custom SMG.png Custom SMG
Double Barrel Shotgun.png Double Barrel Shotgun
LR-300 Assault Rifle.png LR-300 Assault Rifle
M249.png M249
M92 Pistol.png M92 Pistol
MP5A4.png MP5A4
Pump Shotgun.png Pump Shotgun
Python Revolver.png Python Revolver
Semi-Automatic Pistol.png Semi-Automatic Pistol
Semi-Automatic Rifle.png Semi-Automatic Rifle
Thompson.png Thompson
Waterpipe Shotgun.png Waterpipe Shotgun