Bases and Housing

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In Rust, the player can construct their own bases and housing using the various wooden materials. To make a successful stronghold, certain tenets must be followed however.

Before the Base[edit | edit source]

Bases cost a lot of wood, so it may be a good idea to have a safe place to sleep and stock up items before you build up your first base. A good idea is to find somewhere hidden and build a Wood Shelter with a Wood Door and place a Sleeping Bag and a Wood Crate inside. This will give you a safe place to log off, respawn to and stockpile wood and items for your main base later.

Foundation and Location[edit | edit source]

Location is everything. While a base does protect you from the elements and other players, placing your home in a public location can lead to it being looted if not properly secured. Additionally, you can be trapped at your door by griefers or harassed by zombies. Make sure your home is out of sight or at least well-protected.

Ceiling or No Ceiling[edit | edit source]

ALWAYS PLACE A CEILING! While it may seem a waste of materials, a ceiling prevents griefers from entering through the top of your building and despawning your items.

Larger Structures[edit | edit source]

To make an effective and safe base, make sure that all buildings lead to a central corridor or passage. This will act as a chokepoint against invading zombies or enemies, and can also be used to trap animals and zombies for the use of protective sentries. Just make sure you know where they are before doing so, as you may accidentally open a door to a room full of bears if you're not paying attention.