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The Code Lock is used to secure Doors, Large Wood Boxes, small Wood Storage Boxes, Fridges and Lockers.

The owner can change the 4 digit PIN or remove the lock by holding the 'use' button (e). Any player can enter a PIN into the lock by holding the 'use' button. If the correct PIN is used the lock will remember the PIN and the door can simply be opened by pressing the 'use' key when facing the door, rather than the Code Lock itself. When entering a code, the player can press 'C' to clear the code.

You can upgrade the door after placing the code lock on it. Once placed, the lock itself cannot be destroyed. It has to either be removed by an owner or the door it is attached to must be destroyed.

The Code Lock's display glows green when unlocked and red when locked.

When a player enters the PIN incorrectly they receive an electric shock in an attempt to deter brute force attacks. The damage increases in increments of 5 (starting at 5 damage) for every failed attempt, these increments reset every 10 seconds.


Max combination is 10^4 unbreakable = 10 000 posible codes

50 % to crack 5000 codes bruteforcing

When one failed attempt -5Hp , cracking code is not real in game....


The Code Lock can be crafted with:


  • It takes 30 seconds to craft one lock.


<gallery widths=220 captionalign=center> Codelock.jpg|The new Code Lock model locked and on an Armored Door. Code_lock_in_game.jpg|The old model of the Code Lock unlocked and mounted on an armored door. Codelockzap.png|The code has been entered incorrectly, causing the Code Lock to do electric damage to the user.