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In this guide, we will address the controls and mechanics of Rust, as well as identify some caveats and unique issues in the game. This guide is intended for beginners; please do not change this guide without first contacting the moderators or admins.

Basic Controls[edit | edit source]

The game controls using the standard WASD setup, where W is forwards, A is left, S is backwards, and D is right. A and D are useful for strafing, which can be an effective tactic against enemies in melee (and in some rare cases, in firearms situations). To pick up and use items, the E key is the default binding. To open your inventory, use the TAB key. To equip an item to your hotbar (the bar at the bottom of the screen), simply click and hold on the item you would like, and drag that item to the hotbar; releasing your click will place it on the bar. To enter chat, push either T or Enter, then Enter after you are finished typing. If you have a flashlight weapon mod, it can be turned on using the F key, and the G key will disable laser sights.

Key Action
W Move forwards
A Move to the left
S Move backwards
D Move to the right
TAB Open inventory
E Interact/open
Enter Open chat/send text in chat
T Open chat
F Toggle flashlight weapons mod
G Toggle laser weapons mod

Chat[edit | edit source]

The chat window can be opened using either T or Enter, and confirming text in the window (i.e. sending what you type) is done using Enter. There are several special commands that can be used via the chat window, each requiring a forward slash (/) before each phrase.

Phrase Usen
/msg (Name) (Message) Will send a message to a single player. This shows up as green text in your chat window.
/me Places a server wide message in purple, allowing your text to stand out.
/do reclock Reclock will resync your client clock to that of the server, and can be used to correct entity-lag issues.
/do unstick Respawns your character in a random location in case you get stuck in the terrain. *I just tried this 8/29 and it does not work. Was suck in terrain and I'm still stuck with valuable loot in tow and drop overhead. *8/29/14*

Basic Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Rust operates on several very basic mechanics. At the bottom right of your screen, you will see a bar that states your Health, Calories, and Rads. These are all very important to keep an eye on, as you can die extremely quickly if the wrong balance is reached between these three.

Health[edit | edit source]

Health indicates the player's overall health, and can be depleted via Radiation, Hunger, and taking damage. A large amount of this damage can be reduced by wearing armor.

Calories[edit | edit source]

Calories are the number units representing your hunger level. When your hunger dips below 400, you will continually take damage.

Radiation[edit | edit source]

Radiation is the dose of rads your body currently has. This can be reduced naturally over time, by eating Cooked Chicken Breast, or by using Anti-Radiation Pills. When you reach a level of Rads over 500, you will get radiation poisoning, a condition which will slowly kill you and deplete your hunger.

Additional Mechanics[edit | edit source]

These status effects are addressed on the front page. Survival is dependent on you understanding these various status effects and dangers, so please read them carefully.