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Explosive Charge

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The Explosive Charge (commonly referred to as C4) is considered a rare item. Can be gained from an Air Drops, looted from metallic Loot Crates, Red Wolves and Red Bears. Can be crafted as well if the player knows the relative recipe, only obtainable through researching the Explosive Charge with a Research Kit.

In that case will be required 15 Explosive, 1 Flare and 5 Leather to craft one charge.

Explosive Charges are used by players to access others' bases, literally blowing up their walls or doors.

Wooden Wall requires 1-2 Explosive Charges

Wooden Door requires 1 Explosive Charge

Metal Wall requires 2-3 Explosive Charges

Metal Door requires 2-3 Explosive Charges

Please note these values are indicative only, may require up to 7 Charges to destroy a Metal Wall,

moreover they are affected by the decay condition of the target structure.

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