Fighting the Environment

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The environment of Rust is a dangerous one, not only because of animals, but because of the people who inhabit it. Below are the various types of players and NPC bots in the game.

Friendly[edit | edit source]

A friendly is a person who will not kill you on sight, and often wishes to form a community or hunting group. They will often announce that they are friendly by saying in chat or hiding and asking. But be aware,some unscrupulous bandits use "friendly?" as a way to find new targets.

Bandits[edit | edit source]

Bandits are the most dangerous enemy the player will face outside of zombies, and will kill on sight for the purpose of looting. The best way to avoid Bandits is to keep off populated trails and off the main road, and do not reply to "friendly?" unless you can clearly see that they are unarmored or that you are better armed and ready for a confrontation.

Griefer[edit | edit source]

Griefers are players who will come to your base and build a wall, blocking you inside, or empty your crates on the ground before running away, allowing the items to de-spawn. The best way to avoid them is to secure your houses with doors, avoiding windows.

Hacker[edit | edit source]

Hackers are illegal players that will be booted as soon as they are detected, and can often be discerned from regular players due to the speed of their movement, their increased harvest rate, or obvious tells such as flying or instant kills.

Irradiated Animals[edit | edit source]

Irradiated Animals are the second largest threat you will face, but they thankfully seem to spawn mostly around towns and in the middle of nowhere. They are easily seen and avoided, and only take less hits to kill than their normal counterparts, so they are somewhat worth attacking due to the fact that they spawn one of anything in the game (randomly) when they are killed.