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Flame Thrower

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Flame Thrower
Flame Thrower
A Flamethrower. Uses low grade fuel as ammunition
Flame Thrower
Ranged Weapon
Icon stopwatch.png
Time to Craft
120 s
High Quality Metal.pngHigh Quality Metal.png
Metal Pipe.pngMetal Pipe.png
Low Grade Fuel.pngLow Grade Fuel.png
Empty Propane Tank.pngEmpty Propane Tank.png

The Flame Thrower is a ranged weapon that shoots out intense flames. It uses Low Grade Fuel as ammunition and it is the first weapon in Rust that specializes only in Fire/Heat damage. It is chambered in fuel canisters of 100 Low Grade Fuel, and it takes around 10 - 15 seconds of constant fire before the canister is emptied. It is highly effective against wooden and twig buildings, and makes an impressive weapon for self-defence against hostile animals, although loot drops from an animal killed in this manner will be reduced, presumably because they have been burned. However, it is very ineffective against stone, metal, and armoured buildings. The range is short, so it is not very common to see in PvP situations.

To toggle on/off the pilot light which ignites the fire, press the right mouse button.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

In able to craft Flame Thrower, you need the following ingredients:

  • It takes 120 seconds to craft one Flame Thrower.
Image Name Amount
High Quality Metal.png High quality metal 15
Metal Pipe.png Metal pipe 6
Low Grade Fuel.png Low grade fuel 100
Empty Propane Tank.png Empty propane tank 2