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Food in Rust is an incredibly important part of the game, as it refills the Hunger bar, allowing for the slow regeneration of health. When the Food bar is at zero, health cannot be restored, and slow damage will be taken.

Raw Meat[edit | edit source]

Raw Meat must be cooked before it is consumed, or you risk the chance of getting food poisoning. When poisoned, your health will slowly drop until it reaches 1 hp. Though not fatal, this drop in health is incredibly dangerous, as it makes you vulnerable to sudden death from unseen enemies and falling.

Cooked Meat or Looted Items[edit | edit source]

Cooked Meat and Looted Items do not have to be cooked to consume, but one must always make sure to have a balance of these items and raw items for extended and safe survival.

References[edit | edit source]

For a complete list of food in Rust, look at the List of Consumables.