High external stone gate

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The High External Stone Gate is a high stone gate, allowing access in and out of your compound. It is a very big, deployable gate that goes with the High External Stone Wall, and it is intended to be used as another layer of base security. It is very large, and should be used outside. The High External Stone Gate is very expensive to make, but can withstand a lot of punishment. The High External Stone Gate should not be used as a regular door into your base, and it does not require a foundation to be placed.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

The High External Stone Gate can be crafted with:


  • The gate has a health of 500.
  • It takes 2 Timed Explosive Charge to break.
  • It takes 150 stone and 1 gear to repair 50 health of the gate.
  • When placing the gate, the outside faces the player.