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In this guide, we will address the controls and mechanics of Rust, as well as identify some caveats and unique issues in the game. This guide is intended for beginners; please do not change this guide without first contacting the moderators or admins.

Gathering[edit | edit source]

Gathering materials is paramount to your survival. Not only do certain materials gathered allow the construction of things like Campfires, which can reduce your Cold points and give you Comfort, they also unlock more advanced tools and weapons for your defense and survival.

Wood[edit | edit source]

Wood is the most important resource for long-term survival in Rust. Used to construct Campfires and more complex structures like Wood Shelters and Wood Walls, Wood will be your most valuable and quickly spent resource. There are three methods of gathering wood:

1) Wood can be gathered from trees using either the stone you spawn with or a Hatchet. You will be told how much wood you gather in the messages box, and will have to move from tree to tree as the wood is depleted from each tree you cut. This is the second most time-intensive method.

2) Search for a pile of wood. Occasionally, you will come across piles of logs that give you 5-7 logs each harvest hit. They will eventually disappear after harvesting. This is the best method. Worth noting is that using a Pickaxe on wood piles yields more wood from the pile than anything else.

3) Kill a player. This can be the most rewarding, with over 300-400 logs possible in a single kill, but is the most time-intensive and risky method, as it requires you to find, stalk, and kill a player who may be more skilled, protected, or well armed than you.

Sulfur and Metal Fragments[edit | edit source]

Sulfur and Metal Fragments are key for long-term survival as they allow the construction of Firearms and the ammunition required for their use. Metal Ore and Sulfur Ore can be mined from the various stones around the map, and must be refined in a campfire or furnace.

Cloth[edit | edit source]

Cloth is very important, and can be used in medkits, bandages, and more. They are obtained from animals (especially deer) and from supply crates.

Charcoal[edit | edit source]

Charcoal, when combined with sulfur, makes gunpowder, key for the use of firearms.

Hunting[edit | edit source]

Hunting is your key to survival, as food will be the most commonly-lacking resource in your adventures. You can gather food in two ways. At the start, it is difficult to kill animals as the stone is slow and does little damage. First build a Stone Hatchet. This will make killing pigs and deer much easier. When you have 5 cloth, build a Hunting Bow. This will allow you to kill animals at range. Arrows are cheap to craft and don't need a workbench to craft.

1) Food can be found in crates and supply drops, but are rare in these instances.

2) Food can always be found by killing animals. Pigs and Bears give the most food, but bears are dangerous to kill. They are still the best targets however, as they also provide animal fat and cloth, important for various kits. Even though there are various types of animals, Chicken Breast is the only kind of meat you can currently get.