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Articles are all objects that will allow us to evolve in our survival, building, giving us new items that will allow us to have more powerful objects. Players can find their items in Airdrops, crates and barrels, and can also make them after collecting all the necessary resources for each item. You will also find the list of perishable resources to maintain hunger and thirst to the maximum, as well as the clothes and armor that offer the game to protect animals or other players.

You can also find a list with all items here.


Concrete Barricade.png Concrete barricade Metal Barricade.png Metal barricade Sandbag Barricade.png Sandbag barricade
Stone Barricade.png Stone barricade Wooden Barricade.png Wooden barricade Barbed Wooden Barricade.png Barbed wooden barricade
Building Plan.png Building plan Tool Cupboard.png Tool cupboard Door Closer.png Door Closer
Sheet Metal Double Door.png Sheet metal double door Armored Double Door.png Armored double door Wood Double Door.png Wood double door
Sheet Metal Door.png Sheet metal door Armored Door.png Armored door Wooden Door.png Wooden door
50px Floor Grill Ladder Hatch.png Ladder hatch High External Stone Gate.png High external stone gate
High External Wooden Gate.png High external wooden gate Wind Turbine.png Generator wind scrap Wooden Ladder.png Wooden ladder
Code Lock.png Code lock Key Lock.png Key Lock Pump Jack.png Pump jack
Mining Quarry.png Mining Quarry Metal horizontal embrasure.png Metal horizontal embrasure Metal vertical embrasure.png Metal vertical embrasure
Wood Shutters.png Wood shutters High External Wooden Wall.png High external wooden wall High External Stone Wall.png High External stone wall
Prison Cell Gate.png Prison cell gate Prison Cell Wall.png Prison cell wall Chainlink Fence Gate.png chainlink fence gate
Chainlink Fence.png Chainlink fence Garage Door.png Garage door Netting.png Netting
Metal Shop Front.png Metal shop front Shop Front.png Shop front Metal Window Bars.png Metal window bars
Reinforced Window Bars.png Reinforced window bar Wooden Window Bars.png Wooden window bar Reinforced Glass Window.png Wall window glass reinforced
Large Water Catcher.png Large water catcher Small Water Catcher.png Small water catcher


Repair Bench icon.png Repair bench Furnace icon experimental.png Furnace Large Furnace icon.png Large Furnace
Large Wood Box icon.png Large wood box Research Table icon.png Research table Barbeque.png Barbecue
Bed.png Bed Bota Bag.png Bota bag Wood Storage Box.png Wood storage box
Camp Fire.png Camp Fire Ceiling Light.png Ceiling light Chair.png Chair
Drop Box.png Drop box Stone Fireplace.png Fireplace stone Survival Fish Trap.png Survival fish trap
Fridge.png Fridge Jack O Lantern Angry.png Jack O lantern angry Jack O Lantern Happy.png Jack O lantern happy
Lantern.png Lantern Locker.png Locker Mail Box.png Mail box
Paper Map.png Map Large Planter Box.png Large planter box Small Planter Box.png Small planter box
Pookie Bear.png Pookie bear Rug Bear Skin.png Rug bear skin Rug.png Rug
Scarecrow.png Scarecrow Search Light.png Search light Salvaged Shelves.png Salvaged shelves
Large Banner Hanging.png Large banner hanging Two Sided Ornate Hanging Sign.png Two sided ornate hanging sign Two Sided Hanging Sign.png Two sided hanging sign
Landscape Picture Frame.png Landscape picture frame Portrait Picture Frame.png Portrait picture frame Tall Picture Frame.png Tall picture frame
XL Picture Frame.png XL Picture frame XXL Picture Frame.png XXL Picture frame Large Banner on Pole.png Large banner on pole
Double Sign Post.png Double sign post Single Sign Post.png Single sign post One Sided Town Sign Post.png One sided town sign post
Two Sided Town Sign Post.png Two sided town sign post Huge Wooden Sign.png Huge wooden sign Large Wooden Sign.png Large wooden sign
Wooden Sign.png Wooden sign Small Wooden Sign.png Smal wooden sign Skull Fire Pit.png Skull fire pit
Sleeping Bag.png Sleeping bag Small Oil Refinery.png Small oil refinery Snowman.png Snowman
Spinning wheel.png Spinning wheel Small Stash.png Small stash 50px Large stocking
Small Stocking.png Small stocking Table.png Table Reactive Target.png Reactive target
Tuna Can Lamp.png Tuna can lamp Vending Machine.png Vending machine Water Barrel.png Water barrel
Water Purifier.png Water purifier 50px Workbench Level 1 50px Workbench Level 2
50px Workbench Level 3 Festive Doorway Garland.png Xmas door garland Christmas Lights.png Xmas lightstring
Christmas Tree.png Xmas tree Festive Window Garland.png Xmas window garland Christmas Door Wreath.png Xmasdoorwreath


Battery - Small.png Battery small Bone Fragments.png Bone fragments Empty Can Of Beans.png Empty can of beans
50px Empty can of tuna CCTV Camera.png CCTV camera Charcoal.png Charcoal
Cloth.png Cloth Coal.png Coal Crude Oil.png Crude oil
Leather.png Leather Explosives.png Explosives Animal Fat.png Animal fat
High Quality Metal Ore.png High Quality Metal Ore Gun Powder.png Gun powder Research Paper.png research paper
Metal Fragments.png Metal fragments Metal Ore.png Metal ore High Quality Metal.png High quality metal
Paper.png Paper Low Grade Fuel.png Low grade fuel Scrap.png Scrap
Human Skull.png Human skull Wolf Skull.png Wolf skull Stones.png Stones
Sulfur Ore.png Sulfur ore Sulfur.png Sulfur Targeting Computer.png Targeting computer
Water.png Water Salt Water.png Salt Wood.png Wood


Hide Boots.png Hide boots Hide Halterneck.png Hide helterneck Hide Pants.png Hide pants
Hide Poncho.png Hide poncho Hide Skirt.png Hide skirt Hide Vest.png Hide vest
Reindeer Antlers.png Reindeer head band Bone Armor.png Bone armor suit Frog Boots.png Boots frog
Bucket Helmet.png Bucket helmet 50px Burlap gloves Burlap Headwrap.png Burlap headwrap
Burlap Shirt.png Burlap shirt Burlap Shoes.png Burlap shoes Burlap Trousers.png Burlap trousers
Coffee Can Helmet.png Coffeecan helmet Bone Helmet.png Deer skull mask Diving Fins.png Diving fins
Diving Mask.png Diving mask Diving Tank.png Diving tank Wetsuit.png Diving wetsuit
Facialhair.style01.png Facial hair style 01 Female hairstyle 01.png Female hairs tyle 01 Female hairstyle 02.png Female hair style 02
Female hairstyle 03.png Female hair style 03 Femalearmpithair.style01.png Female armpit hair style 01 Femaleeyebrow.style01.png Female eye brow style 01
Femalepubichair.style01.png Female pubi chair style 01 Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Beenie Hat.png Hat beenie black
Boonie Hat.png Hat boonie Candle Hat.png Hat candle Baseball Cap.png Hat cap
Miners Hat.png Hat miner Wolf Headdress.png Hat wolf 50px Hazmat boots
Hazmat.gloves.png Hazmat gloves Hazmat.helmet.png Hazmat helmet Hazmat.jacket.png Hazmat jacket
Hazmat.pants.png Hazmat pants Hazmat Suit.png Hazmat suit Heavy Scientist Suit.png Hazmat suit scientist
Heavy Scientist Suit.png Hazmatsuit scientist peacekeeper Heavy Plate Helmet.png Heavy plate helmet Heavy Plate Jacket.png Heavy plate jacket
Heavy Plate Pants.png Heavy plate pants Hoodie.png Hoodie Jacket.png Jacket
Snow Jacket.png Jacket snow Male.facialhair.style02.png Male facial hair style 02 Male.facialhair.style02.png Male facial hair style 03
Male.facialhair.style02.png Male facial hair style 04 Female hairstyle 01.png Male hair style 01 Female hairstyle 02.png Male hair style 02
Female hairstyle 03.png Male hair style 03 Female hairstyle 02.png Male hair style 04 Female hairstyle 03.png Male hair style 05
Malearmpithair.style01.png Male armpi thair style 01 Maleeyebrow.style01.png Male eye brow style 01 Malepubichair.style01.png Male pubi chair style 01
Improvised Balaclava.png Mask balaclava Bandana Mask.png Mask bandana Metal Facemask.png Metal face mask
Metal Chest Plate.png Metal plate torso Pants.png Pants Shorts.png Pants shorts
Riot Helmet.png Riot helmet Road Sign Jacket.png Road sign jacket Road Sign Kilt.png Road sign kilt
Santa Hat.png Santa hat Shirt.png Shirt collared Tank Top.png Shirt tank top
Boots.png Shoes boots Longsleeve T-Shirt.png Tshirt long T-Shirt.png Tshirt
Wood Armor Helmet.png Wood armor helmet Wood Chestplate.png Wood armor jacket Wood Armor Pants.png Wood armor pants


Salvaged Axe.png Salvaged axe Water Bucket.png Water bucket Chainsaw.png Chainsaw
Satchel Charge.png Satchel Charge Timed Explosive Charge.png Timed Explosive Charge Flare.png Flare
Flashlight.png Flash light Geiger Counter.png Geiger counter Hammer.png Hammer
Salvaged Hammer.png Salvaged hammer Hatchet.png Hatchet Salvaged Icepick.png Salvaged icepick
Pickaxe.png Pickaxe Rock.png Rock Stone Pickaxe.png Stone pickaxe
Stonehatchet.png Stone hatchet Supply Signal.png Supply signal Survey Charge.png Survey charge
Binoculars.png Binoculars Camera.png Camera Torch.png Torch
Water Jug.png Water jug


Anti-Radiation Pills.png Anti-radiation pills Bandage.png Bandage Blood.png Blood
Large Medkit.png Large medkit Medical Syringe.png Medical syringe


Apple.png Apple Rotten Apple.png Rotten apple Burnt Bear Meat.png Burnt bear meat
Cooked Bear Meat.png Cooked bear meat Bearmeat.png Bear meat Black Raspberries.png Black raspberries
Blueberries.png Blue berries Cactus Flesh.png Cactus flesh Can of Beans.png Can of beans
Can of Tuna.png Can of tuna Candy Cane.png Candy cane Burnt Chicken.png Burnt Chicken
50px Cocked chicken Raw Chicken Breast.png Raw chicken breast Spoiled Chicken.png Spoiled chicken
Chocolate Bar.png Chocolate bar Corn Clone.png Corn clone Hemp Clone.png Hemp clone
Pumpkin Plant Clone.png Pumpkin plant clone Corn.png Corn 50px Burned deer meat
Cooked Deer Meat.png Cooked deer meat Raw Deer Meat.png Raw deer meat Cooked Fish.png Cooked fish
Minnows.png Minnows Raw Fish.png Raw fish Small Trout.png Small trout
Granola Bar.png Granola bar 50px Horse meat burned Cooked Deer Meat.png Horse meat cooked
Raw Deer Meat.png Horse meat raw 50px Human meat burned Cooked Human Meat.png Cooked human meat
Raw Human Meat.png Raw human meat Spoiled Human Meat.png Spoiled human meat Pickles.png Jar pickle
50px Meat pork 50px Burned pork Cooked Pork.png Cooked pork
Mushroom.png Mushroom Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Hemp Seed.png Hemp seed
Corn Seed.png Corn seed Pumpkin Seed.png Pumpkin seed Small Water Bottle.png Small water bottle
50px Burned wolf meat Cooked Wolf Meat.png Cooked wolf meat Spoiled Wolf Meat.png Spoiled wolf meat
Raw Wolf Meat.png Raw wolf meat


Handmade Shell.png Handmade shell Nailgun Nails.png Ammo nail gun Incendiary Pistol Bullet.png Incendiary pistol bullet
HV Pistol Ammo.png HV pistol ammo 50px Pistol ammo Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo.png Explosive 5.56 rifle ammo
HV 5.56 Rifle Ammo.png HV 5.56 rifle ammo Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo.png Incendiary 5.56 rifle ammo 5.56 Rifle Ammo.png 5.56 Rifle ammo
Rocket.png Rocket Incendiary Rocket.png Incendiary rocket High Velocity Rocket.png High velocity rocket
Smoke Rocket.png Smoke rocket 12 Gauge Incendiary Shell.png Ammo shotgun fire 12 Gauge Buckshot.png 12 gauge buckshot
12 Gauge Slug.png 12 gauge slug 50px Arrow bone 50px Arrow fire
High Velocity Arrow.png High velocity arrow Wooden Arrow.png Wooden arrow


50px Door key 50px Xmas decoration baubels
50px Xmas decoration candy canes 50px Xmas decoration ginger bread men Tree Lights.png Xmas decoration lights
Decorative Pinecones.png Xmas decoration pinecone Star Tree Topper.png Xmas decoration star Decorative Tinsel.png Xmas decoration tinsell
Large Present.png Xmas present large Medium Present.png Xmas present medium Small Present.png Xmas present small


Bleach.png Bleach Duct Tape.png Duct tape Gears.png Gears
Glue.png Glue Metal Blade.png Metal blade Metal Pipe.png Metal pipe
Metal Spring.png Metal spring Empty Propane Tank.png Empty propane tank Rifle Body.png Rifle body
Road Signs.png Road signs Rope.png Rope Semi Automatic Body.png Semi automatic body
Sewing Kit.png Sewing kit Sheet Metal.png Sheet metal SMG Body.png SMG body
Tarp.png Tarp Tech Trash.png Tech trash


Acoustic Guitar.png Acoustic Guitar Canbourine.png Canbourine Cowbell.png Cowbell
Jerry Can Guitar.png Jerry Can Guitar Junkyard Drum Kit.png Junkyard Drum Kit. Pan Flute.png Pan Flute
Plumber's Trumpet.png Plumber's Trumpet Shovel Bass.png Shovel Bass Sousaphone.png Sousaphone
Wheelbarrow Piano.png Wheelbarrow Piano Wrapped Gift.png Wrapped Gift Wrapping Paper.png Wrapping Paper
Xylobone.png Xylobone