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File:Jimmy Player

Jimmy [Player]

The folks who play the game.}}

Jimmy The Player In The Game Named Rust. Jimmy [Player] Spawns With Rock,Torch And x2 Bandage.

Players are represented as naked men when spawned, but can acquire clothing later in the game.

There are no women in Rust. One developer has stated that "there are no women because of The Virus" [citation needed]. Contrary to this theory, however, there is no model for a zombie female.

Interaction[edit | edit source]

Most players are Bandits (Just Like In DayZ). Players can build things around the map. As of the current stage of alpha, there are no "real Factions" But players have teamed up and created gangs, even going as far as to create a dress code [citation needed]. PvP (Player versus Player) is a common sight in Rust, so it is recommended that you are cautious around others Players.