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Effect: Alerts the player that he/she is being radiated, causing health damage over time.

Type: Debuff


Radiation is a debuff effect against the player when he or she approaches a radiated area, typically a city or town. The effect begins with pixelation of the screen and the sound of a Geiger counter, and as the sound gets louder and more frequent, the player gains faster and greater rates of radiation. The current radiation amount is displayed at the bottom right of the screen, increasing exponentially as the player stays in an irradiated area.

What are Rads?[edit | edit source]

Radiation is what occurs when a player enters what is called the "radiation wall", the area that separates the playable island and the rest of the generated map. After 500 Rads, the player will slowly die. Rads are the unit used colloquially in regards to radiation points.

Prevention and Treatment[edit | edit source]

First and foremost in prevention against Radiation is staying away from the Radiation Wall. As soon as you begin taking radiation, move in the direction you came from. After getting radiation, you can use Anti-radiation Pills (however, they subtract 200 Rads and should not usually be used by people with under 150 Rads.) and if you are under 500 Rads, simply walking away and waiting for Rads to dissipate is the best treatment. Cooked chicken breast additionally takes away 20 Rads as well, though this is somewhat resource intensive and quickly depletes your food stock in cases of extreme poisoning.