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Template:Item data

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Parameter Variable Value
id id
name name
nameid ()
type type
subtype subtype
desc desc
icon icon
categories categories
heals heals
poisons poisons
calories calories
rads rads
water water
cooks_into cooks into
creates creates
num_creates num creates
requires_workbench requires workbench
ingredients ingredients
craft_time craft time
bullet_resist bullet resist
melee_resist melee resist
explosion_resist explosion resist
radiation_resist radiation resist
cold_resist cold resist
arrow_speed arrow speed
draw_time draw time
max_draw_time max draw time
calories_per_swing calories per swing
gathers_resources gathers resources
gather_rate gather rate
range range
crafted_by crafted by
fire_rate fire rate
fire_mode fire mode
reload_time reload time
clip_size clip size
ammo ammo
recoil recoil
recoil_aiming recoil aiming
recoil_crouching recoil crouching
aim_sway aim sway
spread spread
pellets pellets
damage damage

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