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The wildlife in Rust will be your best bet at survival amongst other players . Because they drop Cloth and Raw Chicken Breast, they are great sources of material for both sustenance and shelter.

Rabbit[edit | edit source]

Rabbits are found all over the map in Rust, and are a prime source of food. They are easily spooked, so you need to move to them very quietly. If killed, Rabbits will drop around 1-3 Raw Chicken Breast and 1-5 Cloth.

Chicken[edit | edit source]

Chickens in Rust will give you around 2 Raw Chicken Breast and 1 Cloth, and respond the same way that Rabbits do. They are harder to spot than other animals in the world of Rust, and are most easily identified by the clucking they make while moving.

Boar[edit | edit source]

Boars will give between 10 Raw Chicken Breast and 10 cloth. Unlike some of the more aggressive animals (and despite its physical appearance), Boars will not attack, even while you are killing it.

Deer[edit | edit source]

Deer give about 10 Raw Chicken Breast and 10 Cloth, and will react with fear if you run towards it.

Wolf[edit | edit source]

Wolves give about 8 Raw Chicken Breast, 20 Cloth, and 3 Blood Bags. They will attack as you near them.

Bear[edit | edit source]

Bears give about 10 Raw Chicken Breast, 8 Cloth, 10 Blood Bags, and 8 Leather. They are extremely aggressive.

Images[edit | edit source]