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Wooden Spear

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Wooden Spear
Wooden Spear
A wooden Spear.
Shortname: spear.wooden
Type: Melee Weapon
Stack Size: 1
Weapon Stats
Head: 20
Chest: 36
Arms: 5
Legs: N/A
Craftable: 1
Time to Craft: 30s

The Wooden Spear is a melee weapon in Rust which has a longer range than most other melee weapons. It is the lower counterpart of the Stone Spear. A hit from a Wooden Spear will not only inflict damage, but also there is a high chance that Bleeding will be inflicted.

The Wooden Spear is throwable. You can throw it by right-mouse-clicking. The amount of damage seems to be higher compared to its melee damage.

After being thrown it will become stuck in the place it had hit, even in animals. You can pick it up by pressing the E key.


In able to craft the Wooden Spear, you need the following ingredients:

Image Name Amount
Wood.png Wood 300

Damage and Function

  • Placeholder


  • There are currently no skins available for the Wooden Spear.